Monday, July 17, 2017

Every member a Missionary

Hello! Things were great this week in the area!!

So in our area we have lots of friends that love to say hi as we walk by but don’t want us to teach them because they’re busy. I guess though we always continue to be kind and smile and ask how they’re doing as we’re walking by. One of these people is named Claire. She’s a mom of 3 kids and her 12 yr old daughter Angel has cancer. Apparently Elders have been trying to teach them for awhile now and we always let her know we can help them with anything. This week they had a big problem come up with her daughter’s cancer and long story short we were able to help solve the problem! The gospel is awesome. We taught their family this week at a member’s house and had a really cool lesson. We were able to give her a Book of Mormon and eat dinner after. She was so happy to get a Book of Mormon and really excited to start reading it. Members can be the biggest help! We were so excited that day we went and talked to everyone after the lesson until the very last minute. We then ran to our car parked in our area and… whoops it wasn’t there haha! We were “coding” which basically means it’s our day we can’t drive from 7am to 7pm. Since we were in the area at 4 our car was over at the office haha! Totally forgot. We had to haul back to the office but we got home late dang. Don’t worry we’ve repented haha. Then Claire was at church yesterday! Her kids weren’t able to go this week but we’re hoping next week they’ll make it too!

Eric is still about the same. Taught him twice and he’s still reading a lot. Every time he’s reading over things he liked with us he skips over the word “baptism” haha.

A highlight this week was teaching our referral I mentioned last week on Saturday! As we’ve been texting and planning our apt she’s been super excited! It’s so fun when someone is just as excited as the missionaries are. She showed up at the church and we had two members with us- Ed and Giovanni. She brought her friend too which was awesome!! Justine is SUPER prepared and we had a great lesson. She’s 18 and goes to institute twice a week with her Mormon friends. She has already read the ENTIRE gospel principles book and even looked up the full Restoration video on YouTube on her own. We taught her and her friend Eloissa the Restoration and gave them both a Book of Mormon. It’s so cool seeing there are people super ready to receive the gospel. She wasn’t at church yesterday because she went to her church with her family. That’s the only problem we’re seeing as of now.. her fam is pretty solid on their church. We’ll just have to teach them one day too when the time comes!

Other random things this week. On July 11 Elder Webster and I ate 7 11 every meal to celebrate that haha. I tried to explain to the different cashiers it’s 7/11 day but they didn’t know what I was getting at. When they finally understood they thought it was seriously the funniest thing haha. They don’t have slurpees at most of them here so there wasn’t any free slurpees L Still a fun memory though. This week we talked to some drunk guys watching horse racing. They offered us beer but eventually they got us some soda haha! I told them I was born in Kentucky where the Kentucky derby is and they thought it was awesome! Lots of people here actually love horse racing so I’ve actually said that quite a bit. We will return to those guys later tonight. We’ve been out in the area super consistent so we’re starting to get more momentum with appointments and stuff. I’m so thankful God is helping us every step of the way. He knows us and He knows every person in our area perfectly. I know there are many who need this important message and many hearts ready to receive it.

I love being a missionary! Remember missionary work is super important for members. Try to help out missionaries anyway you can, it really makes the biggest difference!

Elder Reber

No pics again this week. This is President and Sister Fermanis at the MTC. Parker is having a great time getting to know them. So grateful for their willingness to serve and support Elder Reber!
We made sure to take advantage of the free slurpee day even though Parker couldn't. Glad he was able to celebrate with three meals there that day. Can you even imagine?? Yuck! Excuse me while I feel completely sick!

Elder Rebers sisters and their cute slurpee drinking friend!

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