Monday, March 19, 2018

Espanola, Palawan and Angeles, Pampanga

Hope everyone is doin good! Elder Mitchell and I had a pretty action-packed week! Monday we had a lunch with the evangelista family in the ward and said goodbyes to Sister Montano- a visa-waiter who served in our ward but will now be heading to her mission in Melbourne. We then headed over to the airport to catch a flight to Palawan! That night we worked with a few Elders over in Puerto Princesa. I worked with Elder Harris, an Elder who’s still in his training. His Tagalog is probably better than mine when I was 6 months in the mission! He said he studied the language “a little” before the mission. Well whatever it was that he did it really worked! I also studied the language “a little” but that meant learning about 3 phrases which I wasn’t even pronouncing right haha!
Tuesday we had a full day exchange with the Zone Leaders over in Puerto. I worked with Elder Tuiatua and we had a blast. Their area is Santa Monica 1st ward- my second area!! Since he’s new to the area and didn’t quite know where everything is at we spend the whole day finding the people I used to teach! We went and found Joshua and his family out in their coconut forest and they were so excited to see us come. I was surprised they remember me up until now. We also went and found Sister Morata and she committed to a baptism date! I’m not sure why she wasn’t baptized in the past but she seemed to have great potential. We had a family home evening that night at a member’s house and I got to see lots of friends I made while I served there. I was surprised at how much they’re building over there now! A spot that used to be a huge field is turning into a really nice neighborhood. I love working with Elder Tuiatua- we had a great day and it was interesting to see progress in myself from the last time I was working over in that awesome area.
Wednesday we had zone conference with all the missionaries assigned in Palawan. Elder Mitchell and I talked about consecration for this cycle of conferences. I’ve seen many times on my mission when we’re willing to make extra sacrifices then it makes all the difference in yourself. That other people are more important to you than your own personal needs. I like the analogy of 211*F vs. 212*F. 212 is boiling temperature where water turns to steam. It is a temperature that can cause giant machines to operate- but at 211 it won’t move. Lots of missionaries have a desire to do what’s right and they are often very close to 212, but not quite there. My whole mission I’ve tried to find one shortcut that will bring many baptisms and much success into the area. I haven’t found this one thing yet- but I’ve learned that it is the many small things that we can improve by small degrees that will eventually add up and get us to 212. I feel like to gain a desire to sacrifice so much we need to have hope that the efforts we give won’t be wasted. We always hear as missionaries “you reap what you sow” but I often think to myself if I really believe and have hope in that promise. I know that good things do indeed come from efforts we make even when those good things might not be seen by us immediately.
D&C 123: 16-17 is a favorite that I’m sure I’ve shared a few times in the past.. 16 You know, brethren, that a very large ship is benefited very much by a very small helm in the time of a storm, by being kept workways with the wind and the waves.
17 Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed.

Wednesday night we made our way to Narra to stay the night. Thursday morning we woke up and took a shuttle to Espanola- an area that opened up 3 weeks ago! I spent the day working with Elder Vinculado and Elder Beltran. I was once companions with Elder Vinculado so it was sweet bein with him again. Love that guy. That place is kinda like Busuanga- the people are super nice! We taught tons of lessons and got many new investigators. When we first got there we started heading to the first appointment and we walked past an elementary school. There were hundreds of kids performing a filipino cultural dance. It was super cool seeing them all dressed up. They all eventually finished later that day and we happened to be on that road again. I think I got about 500 hi fives in a few minutes haha! Not very many white guys make their way over to espanola haha.
It was weird thinking that we were closer to Malaysia than we were to the mission home! Also, there were some hills that had so many palm trees on them that you couldn’t see the actual hill. The nice people though was the best part though for sure
Friday we had a flight at 1pm to head back to Manila. We got there and the flight got delayed until 4 so we left to grab some lunch. When we got back they informed us that the flight would be at 7pm. Ah! Well that time came around and they informed us that the wheel of the plane was broken and the mechanic had just shown up but they didn’t have the proper tools for him. They shuttled us to a buffet and treated us to dinner then shuttled us to a hotel right on the beach! We got a good sleep and they informed us the flight would be at 10. We got up at 5:30 for breakfast and got to the airport by 7:30. Of course the flight got cancelled again and long story short we ended up on a flight to Clark airport in Pampanga! We flew there (Angeles mission) then took a 3 hour bus down to Manila! We finally got home at about 7:30 that night. Luckily we didn’t miss too much work because it was P day but it was still tried our patience just a little haha!
Sunday we had an amazing lesson with our investigator named Eric. He was at church as well! He was a referral from Nanay Angie :) That 80 year old is a little nuts (she texted us about convos she was having with dogs while we were gone) but hey we’re super thankful for her and how much she’s actually helped the area! He had questions like why God doesn’t give us answers and blessings right away, what is our purpose of being on earth, etc. It was a blast helping him find answers! Excited to see how he does these next few weeks here.
Love Elder Reber

Apparently no need to send food his way- He seems to be doing just fine!!

Celebrating Sister Fermanis' Birthday!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Make changes if you want new results

Hey fam

Elder Mitchell and I had a good week with zone conference probably being the highlight. All missionaries on the mainland combined into one meeting so it was extra exciting to see everyone!

We tried a few new things in the area as well which brought some new results as well! President always says that if you want the same results then just keep on doing the same things, but if you want a new result you’re going to have to make some changes. I’ve realized that these changes for me are sometimes inconvenient, uncomfortable, or at first they seem like no good will come but oftentimes it all works out. If it doesn’t then at least we’re able to have that learning experience and better know what aspects are positive and what parts we don’t need to try again haha.

Anyways the main thing we’ve tried differently these past few weeks is really getting the members involved- both active and less-active. We’re having fun experiences as well as spiritual experiences with them then trying to help them give out a Book of Mormon within a time frame they feel is possible (usually a week.) We then follow that up and see how it went. As a result, we’ve gotten some new people to teach who are more ready than someone we meet while tracting. In the past I don’t think I’ve worked with members as much as I should have. Sometimes it feels like the time we spend with them doesn’t bring results. It is true though at first not much is seen from our visit, but we’ve noticed in the longer run of the past few weeks things have really started going because of it. I mentioned Nanay Angie last week haha- yeah she still has been working with us. She showed us to a few more less actives and some members who have lived here a long time have also helped us out with finding prospective-elders in the ward.

Remember the Lobo fam that I mentioned last week? We were able to keep working with them this week. We noticed that CJ (14) was kinda holding them back a little bit. Even though we were trying to joke with him he kept sitting on his phone while we taught him, his sister, and his mom. We knew he liked basketball and video games- yes you could consider himself a gamer. He sleeps all day and plays computer all night since the computer shop is cheaper at night. He agreed on playing basketball with us every morning though! That way he wouldn’t game all night too haha. About every day last week we went and picked him up at 5:30 then went and played. He finally started opening up more! Then Thursday we had a family home evening with them where the two kids were gonna teach us how to cook sisig. We got up at 4:30 to grab the meat and stuff from the market since people buy the face of the pig (the part we needed) really early. Later that night at the FHE we cooked it up and had a good lesson where CJ finally participated! Sunday they showed up at church for the first time in over a year! His brother Lee came back from their province Friday and was able to be at church as well. Then Monday in the morning we took the two of them to play basketball at the chapel with the priesthood of the ward. That all happened because one active member let us know who they were and where they live. We had no idea they were even in our area haha.

One thing Elder Mitchell is super good at is setting goals and making plans to reach those. Every hour we take a second to check our planners to evaluate how we are with the goals we’ve set for the day. It’s helped me remember how there’s a good, better, best and we’ve been able to be more effective. It’s funny because my whole mission I’ve kinda felt like goals are pointless and I didn’t do my part in giving them time and thought. I’ve noticed I feel a lot more organized lately and I’m learning how much they help you track progress.

Elder Burdeos had an aunt, uncle, and cousins from Honolulu come visit the Philippines since his aunt is from here. He got permission from President for us to head to their apartment one night to eat dinner and share a quick message. That was super awesome! They cooked up some pro Mexican food which is definitely something we don’t eat much of here. They’re pretty wealthy and while we were parking in the parking garage we saw a few Ferraris, porches, lamborginis, mclarens, and maserattis. We had to park next to a maseratti and did so extra careful so we wouldn’t scratch our sick Starex van ;) They were a really cool fam.

That about sums up the week! Got to conduct a funeral for the first time- actually I’d say it’s way easier than trying to be the pianist on a broken electric keyboard on a rocky table haha. On Pday we were walking through the city part of our area called BGC and they had tons of Philippine Army stuff set up to celebrate their reunion/anniversary thing. We saw some cool trucks and tanks as well as got to learn some new stuff about the history here! I’m thankful for the time I have to serve in such a great country with such great people.

Til next week!

Elder Reber

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A council rather than a training

This week was awesome!! We had lots of time in the area and were blessed to see lots of people grow and progress. Monday night we met an sweet less-active family who we didn’t know was in our area! A member actually texted us asking us to go visit them. Their name is the Lobo family and it consists of a mother, 18 year old son CJ, and 12 year old girl Bea. They’re super super nice and were excited to have us come. The son is really into computers and gaming and we’re going to work with him to help him get interested in the church again. He said he’d come out to teach a lesson with us sometime so that should be fun. This week we’re doing a family home evening at their home with some members and the kids are going to teach Elder Mitchell and me how to cook some nice sisig.
After that lesson it was time to head home but we decided to knock on one more door nearby. We went to their neighbors and met a college student named Rowen and her friend Sebastian. We quickly taught the Book of Mormon, gave them both a copy, and left. As we left we found out that she’s actually the cousin of sister Lobo! On her own she read the introduction and actually looked for the reference scriptures that were in the parenthesis. Yesterday we brought 4 of the YSA with us to go meet and teach her with us it was super fun!
I went on exchanges with Elder Pehacek over in his area Friday and Elder Mitchell worked with his companion in ours. They had a sweet experience! They visited a less active and as they left they heard someone call out “Elders!” They met a guy named Miller from Phoenix, Arizona who was looking for the church here in Makati. His mom is a filipina and his dad is American. He was with his mother in the province for a vacation but after some sad events he got stuck up there for awhile! He met the missionaries over there but then moved over to our area the day before he saw elder Mitchell. He’s the man!! He has a baptismal date set for the 24th and has given up so much in preparation for baptism. He graduated high school at age 9, college at age 13, and has been to Harvard, Italy, and France for schooling. I wouldn’t have guessed he was a genius just because he acts like a normal guy. We plan on having President come teach him this week :)
Funny thing for the week. We visited this awesome grandma named Angie in the ward the ward a few weeks back and last week she came up to us at church saying she wanted to work with us. Haha she’s kinda strange but we decided hey why not. “fortune-teller lady” is her nickname haha. Well she worked with us twice this week and took us to 6 referrals haha! An 80 year old lady was leading our area! It’s crazy how fast she still walks and how much she is willing to talk to people and share the gospel. It gets better though. Sunday she goes up to bare her testimony and as she makes the turn up on the stand I was slowly saying “oh no! no way… oh wow!” She was wearing her missionary nametag!!! Haha we were both in the back in tears yet everyone else didn’t seem to notice anything different. Right off the bat Angie quotes two Doctrine and Covenants scriptures about missionary work perfectly then next thing we knew she started singing her favorite church EFYish song! And we’re not talking just a few lines here we’re talking the first verse, corus, second verse, corus, bridge, corus type deal. Best few minutes ever! To top it off after sacrament she came up to elder Mitchell and I and gave us Christmas presents. Yes, they were neckties wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper. Nanay Angie is the best!
Well that will about wrap it up! We had a great MLC which was more of a council rather than training and messages the whole time. We all sat at tables in a circle and were able to discuss what the mission needs moving forward and what changes we can try to make to improve. A big take-away is for the leaders to minister rather than administer. Rather than just calling missionaries to collect numbers, talk about their area, etc we are trying to be more real with them and how they’re really doing. The goal is to become friends with the other missionaries to where they can trust them and remember what they did. Reaching out one by one like the Savior did. I’ve realized that the leaders I remember most were those who genuinely reached out to me and seemed to really have a desire to better get to know me. One thing Elder Mitchell and I are going to try this week is calling all missionaries in their training just to see how things are. We’re excited for the changes in the mission!
Love ya all!
Elder Reber :)

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Elder Rasband came to town

Hello everyone!
These last two weeks have been pretty busy! As far as the area goes we have quite a few people we’ve been working with but nobody is progressing too quickly. We’ve been filtering through lots of people and continue to meet and teach lots of new people each week. Just trying to find those who are ready. On exchanges we met a mother named Ale Li Lim (not sure where her names comes from?) Her husband listened to missionaries in the past and we had a great visit with her teaching the Restoration and Book of Mormon. They are a super fun young fam I’m excited to continue to work with them.
This week was transfer week! There are TONS of missionaries flooding over to Palawan now. After lots of planning there are tons of areas opening up there and many branches getting more missionaries. Most of the wards here on the mainland here now only have one companionship. President noticed that companionships in the same ward hardly ever baptize here on the mainland so he wants to try something new. Having one companionship in the ward will keep those missionaries busy helping the ward and teaching part-members and referrals. Another thing that went into this big change is what the church as a whole saw a few years back. When the age change was made for missionaries throughout the world, missions saw a big jump in the number of missionaries in their missions. Even though there were so many more missionaries during these few years, baptisms stayed about the same. We’re excited to see what happens when we put missionaries in areas that haven’t really seen missionaries and see if anything can spark as a result!
One thing I’ve learned from him is that if you want the same results then keep doing the same thing. He’s happy with the mission but knows that by trying new things we can show our faith and see new results. I’m realizing with myself I often start to get comfortable doing things a certain way and don’t have the courage to try it differently. I remember when Alma was commanded by an angel to return to the city of Ammonihah he did so “speedily,” entering the city “by another way.” It’s going to be cool to see what happens down on the island now!
Transfers were smooth other than a few wrong turns which took us across the map and a flat tire on another van haha. Although we had a lack of sleep we definitely had lots of fun having new problems arise that have never been seen before and finding a way to resolve them.
Friday we were blessed to have Elder Rasband visit our mission! The 2 hour devotional was held at the mtc so it was our missionaries here in Manila attending along with missionaries who were coming in that very day. I know without a doubt that Elder Rasband is a apostle of the Lord. It was “part of his message” to shake each of our hands which I thought was really neat to experience. Through the spirit I was able to learn new things and was also reminded of things I need to work on. I thought it was interesting he mentioned President Monson telling him about his calling, “it will be overwhelming until the day you die.” Elder Rasband is very down to earth and humble. He also referred to himself as a “baby apostle.” I’ve learned that even prophets and apostles are still line upon line doing their best to become more like the Savior. They have weaknesses, problems, worries, and struggles just like all other people here on earth. Even through reading the Book of Mormon and some of church history you can see weaknesses in writing, speaking, patience, trust, and so forth.
The other thing he talked about is having a “burning” testimony. What does that feel like? How do you gain that feeling? What can that testimony drive you to do? He said how everyone at times has a burning testimony but that doesn’t mean once you have it it won’t go away. He said if you feel like you’ve “plateaued” there’s simply one thing we can focus on to gain that fire for the first time (or gain it back again) and that’s through getting to know the Savior, loving the Savior, and serving the Savior. I kinda look at this like a cycle. Doing any one of these three things will help the other two grow as well. I had the biggest feeling at that moment that I need to better focus on Him. Even in the mission there are so many different tactics, focuses, things to study about, things going on, investigators you’re thinking of and striving to help, that I sometimes forget the great importance of the Savior’s life, example, love, and atoning sacrifice. He is the reason all of this is even possible. I’m thankful for Him and for the experiences I’ve been able to have out here on the mission because of what He did and continues to do for me. I’m thankful for this time I have to represent Him at all times and to walk with Him shoulder to shoulder. I’m especially thankful for the time we had as a mission to meet with one of His servants and this past week
Hope you all are doing great! Have a good one!
Elder Reber

Monday, February 12, 2018

Busanga and a bucket list check

Heres a special birthday shout out to the newest member of young womens at home. Happy #12 Paisley!! I can't believe you are so old. Paisley and I both have blonde hair, blue eyes and love the best plant, cactus.  I have decided Paisley has changed the most out of all of my siblings since I left.  Love you Pais- hope you had a great day! 
I guess you could say this week was upper dec. Started the week off with some exchanges in our area. I worked with Elder Davis from Oregon who’s been out a transfer more than me. It was kinda interesting because most of the day appointments were falling through and we were finding but not getting much success. I realized at the end of the day that it was the first day in awhile where not much “success” seemed to come. Elder Davis and I were talking about it though and realized it was still such a great day even though we didn’t teach as many lessons and find as many investigators as we goaled for. We just did our best and enjoyed every moment and as President says “Let He who is in charge stress about His work.” We don’t need to worry if we know we’re doing our part. The bright side of not having many lessons is the fact that we were able to give many more people the opportunity to accept the gospel than if we were in lessons with those we’ve already met. We also have had the Priests in the ward work with us a lot. It’s really been awesome to get to know them better. They’re so funny haha and they remind me of what I was like back before I left on my mission.
We got an apartment finally!! It’s literally the closest building to the mission office (the pics we took last the other week were on top of the senior couple’s apartment.) It’s gonna save us lots of time with travel now so we’re pretty excited. Although I guess there is an opposition in all things because another set of Elders in the mission had their house burn down (sound familiar big nick?) Getting a phone call at 1am is usually not good news haha. Their fire alarm was randomly going off 2 days before the fire so they decided to drown it in a bowl of water but hadn’t gotten a new one in yet. If they would’ve woken up 5 minutes later they would’ve been toast. 2 of their neighbors died but other than that nobody was injured or anything like that. I’ve slept in that house quite a bit so it was weird to see it all burned!
From Friday to Monday Elder Mitchell and I went with the Pasay zone leaders to help out down in Busuanga! I’d search it on google it’s an awesome place! :0 It is one of the islands in our mission and the area has only been open for 5 months. There are four elders assigned there right now and two of them have been my companions (my last companion elder fiesta and my trainer elder cibuco.) It was so sweet! At the airport we were talking to some of the workers while weighing our luggage and they pointed to one of their workmates and asked if they were pretty (it’s not weird to ask here if someone is good looking, ugly, fat, etc. haha) We looked over and they were pointing at a transgender guy and out of nowhere Elder Tuiatua just yells “Whatta maaaaan!” then gave the guy a hi-five haha! I think he would’ve been punched in the States but it’s pretty normal to joke like that here. We flew in a tiny plane with those big propellers and got to see some super pretty little islands as we were about to land. The funny thing about the airport there is it’s literally in the middle of nowhere! There were animals flockin around near the runway it was hilarious. The runway is tiny so right as we landed the plane nailed on the brakes. The airport building itself kinda looks like a big shed haha.
Once we drove across the island to a place called Salvacion we got right to work! Friday Elder Mitchell and I were told to just go find new people. Literally I can count the number of people who rejected us on my two hands for that whole day haha! Basically every house we “tao po’d” told us to come in before we could even say hello. The people there are so ready. The crazy part was the surprising part wasn’t how open they were to let us in- it was seeing how prepared they were as we taught them the lessons. They all have such great faith and many great questions that all missionaries hope to hear. The very first lesson we taught was to someone named Mae Daco. When we asked her what she felt and thought about the first vision she just started crying and said she’s been feeling so heavy for the past few years because she’s been wondering which church was true. She told us she knew God would give her an answer because she doesn’t believe God wants His children to be confused. We scheduled to return to her Sunday at 3 but since church went a little long we were late. Apparently she had her whole extended family of 40 who lives in their compound ready to listen to us! Ahh we were so sad to be late but our second lesson with her and her aunt was even better than the first! She will be baptized next month and we’ll see what happens with the rest of her family. There hasn’t been a new religion introduced in this little place in years so everyone seems to know that the “Mormon church” is the new church here. Everyone seemed to want to know more about who we were and why foreigners are walking around their place teaching about Christ.
Saturday morning the Sister missionaries from Coron (other side of the island) came to Busuanga to help us out with an activity. Total there were 12 missionaries and we held a huge activity playing volleyball and basketball with kids. There were about 40 kids there and we were all playing games. It kinda reminded me of playing with kids when I went to Fiji on that HEFY trip with ode. It was about the same atmosphere but this time I could understand the kids haha. After a bit I was wondering if we were just wasting the Lord’s time playing games with kids but lots of parents ended up dropping by and I realized that service is a great thing these people could see missionaries doing. As we were proselyting later that night we would knock on a door and the people would ask “hey weren’t you playing with all of those kids earlier?” or we would see a kid in the family who was at the activity.
Sunday we had church! For Sundays the Elders actually rent a trike and go around picking people up for church. I got to drive for a minute it was cool. Ha it was literally a minute though because I didn’t really know how to work the thing. Either way I guess I can check that one off the bucket list haha. The church is actually a little tarp that hangs off the end of Elder Cibuco/Elder Dial’s house. We had about 30 people there.. 24 investigators and 6 members. Lots of the investigators we had just met during the weekend while we were finding! In the middle of the sacrament the wind blew and water came hurling down from the tarp all over me haha.
This week I was able to work with my trainer Elder Cibuco for the first time since he trained me! It was a big flash back in lessons sitting next to him and looking over at him as he taught. He is such a great missionary mainly because of how hard-working and diligent he is. It was fun to talk about our great experiences over in Tondo. He actually speaks a different language called Cebuano so when he trained me he was also still adjusting to Tagalog. I honestly didn’t realize he was also struggling with the language when I was new because I couldn’t understand hardly anything but he never once mentioned it or complained. Love that guy!
Overall it was a great week to be a missionary. Our district leader Elder Asay said something really cool this week. He said, “We should want to be the guy that when we wake up in the morning Satan is thinking ‘oh no, not this guy again! Nothing seems to be stopping him.’” Wouldn’t it be amazing if he thought that of all of us. I know this is Christ’s church restored to the earth. I know that Christ is at the head and hopefully we can continue to do our best to gain His trust to do whatever it is he needs of us. Have a solid week!

Love elder reber 

Monday, February 5, 2018

Simon Says

Hi fam!
Well there goes another week! I feel like I was just typing up an email haha. This week was mainly in our area which is always tons of fun. Lots of our investigators we’ve been workin with have shown lack of action so we’ve been having to sort through everyone and find who we need to focus on. Although many of our investigators haven’t been progressing we still had such an awesome week finding new people! We’ve been praying to find people who are prepared and were blessed with lots of new people. We’ve seen lots of success mainly with college kids since our area seems to have more of them than normal.
I think my favorite lesson this week was one night with Elder Mitchell and Elder Somosa (an office elder who spent the night with us working.) We met three college kids who live next to one of our investigators. A goal we’ve made lately is if an appointment falls through we talk to everyone around that house for 10 minutes and if we still don’t have a lesson we’ll head to our next appointment. It’s helped us find lots of awesome people who see us walking by their house all the time. Our area is actually super small (you can walk across it in about 10 minutes) but I think especially if I’m ever in a bigger area where we might have to travel more it would be really effective to do this. Haha it’s kinda something we hear we should do as missionaries but I feel like not very many apply it.
We had super fun exchanges with Elder Palmer and Elder Tuiatua. The four of us worked in our area and I feel like I learned a lot of new things. Elder Tuiatua and I knocked on a door and an older lady opened the door and started shaking her head. Elder Tuiatua just started nodding his head saying “yes.” Haha I was laughing and then the lady started laughing too. After getting to know her for a minute she said she was busy but we asked her if we could teach her another day. As she was thinking of what to say Elder Tuiatua jumped in and said, “hey have you ever heard of simon says?” She said she knew what it was so Elder told her to follow him. He then said “yes” and she said the same haha. We then said, “Ok thanks!” and again she started laughing. We have an appointment with her later this next week. Haha he’s a pretty funny guy.
At church our recent convert named Aga told us he has a good friend named Aga who’s been in the hospital for about a month with Leukemia. We were able to go meet him after church with our recent convert. We walked in and met Aga and his family and wow they were so nice! He loves the NBA and penny boards I felt like we had lots in common. It was cool to just give him some company and introduce the Book of Mormon to him so he could have something to do. We were also able to teach him about the priesthood then give him a priesthood blessing before leaving. It was the first blessing I’ve given with a mask on! It was a neat experience for me. I’m thankful for the mission giving me so many opportunities to exercise the priesthood.
I got news this week that Danny Santos’ (first baptism) daughter’s family got baptized! The mom, dad, and two kids. I guess they’ve wanted to be baptized for some time now but were just having problems getting married because of birth certificate issues. It was awesome to hear because I remember meeting them at Danny’s baptism then seeing them go to church for the first time over in Tondo. I also learned that Danny has been the Elders Quorum President for a few months now and his wife Rose Marie is the Relief Society Secretary. The two of them are still looking set on being sealed in the temple this may when then temple opens back up! We were really lucky to meet such great people.
Well other than that I think that’s about all for this week other than the fact my righteous companion Elder Mitchell got a ticket for taking a u-turn on a red light haha. They took his license and it took a few hours at the city hall to get it back and pay the fine. Also, they don’t have garbage cans here in the streets so what you do is put your trash in a pile that has randomly been made by others then some workers eventually come grab it after a few weeks haha. Elder Mitchell went to throw away a juice box-type drink when out of nowhere a dog on a leash literally jumped out of the pile of trash at him. He about lost it and it even scared the crap out of me even though I was on the other side of the road! Hahaha good times here in the mish.
Love you all!
Elder Reber
We think these are pics from the new apartment Wow!

He says the places he has worked recently are mostly these that are just outside the city


Apparently these guys aren't busy enough- :)