Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my awesome mom! Being in the mission has made me even more grateful for all that you do! I've learned that not many people at all are blessed with a mom like mine :) I'm really blessed and sometimes I wonder why my life is so lucky haha. Also, happy mother's day to all of my other moms out there haha! I'm lucky to have so many great examples in my life.

This week was good. I got super busy because the Assistants said in an email in the mission "If any of you can't contact your family to coordinate the Mother's Day call or if you have any questions, contact Elder Reber." The second they clicked send my week was never going to be the same haha. I actually had some really great experiences helping the missionaries line up a mother's day call. About 20 missionaries needed me try to contact their families for them. I would first try to call their parents but normally a random person would answer because numbers change so much here and nobody updates us when they get a new number. I then move on to their bishop or branch president. I also called a few stake/district presidents too haha! The interesting part though was lots of these missionaries are from small provinces in the Philippines where they speak different dialects! I talked to people who speak Cebuano, Illocano, and Hiligaynon. There were so many funny experiences haha! It was fun trying our best to communicate and finding a solution to the problem. Lots of families answered and were sooo excited to hear from someone trying to line up a call. A few people here have no internet so they can't email their missionaries. I found lots of joy though as I did all of this! I don't know why but it's just something I feel like I won't forget.

Every morning we eat at 7 11 because it's really close to the office. Elder Webster has been in this area for 11 months now so everyone there knows him super good. He orders "menudo" every time and has done so since he's first gotten here. Every time we walk in every worker yells "Menudo!!" it's really really funny haha. It's always packed with people in there too so everyone looks at us two skinny white americanos walkin in probably thinking we're pretty weird. Haha people here are awesome!

We got a new car this week! Elder Webster decided to crash at the perfect time haha. We have the same car tho- just the newer version. People are giving us a little more respect on the road now though which is nice haha. If you drive a nice car here you won't get cut off quite as bad so it's a nice little blessing. I walked in the office the first morning and told Elder Jacobsen (senior missionary) "you should've seen us out on the roads this morning! We're stylin now!" He quickly reminded me we're driving a van haha.

We taught Eric twice this week. He's in 1 Nephi 14 now and he reads everything 3 times so he can understand it all haha. I try to tell him I can't even understand all of it yet and we can study our whole lives and continue to learn new things but he won't take it. His understanding though is actually really good and he asks tons of questions every time! He's still waiting for an answer though before he wants to go to church. He really doesn't like leaving his house and actually hasn't left their barungay yet this year. We asked what he's expecting for an answer and he said, "I'm not telling you because then you'll do it!" Haha he's pretty funny but at the same time really wants to know it's all true.

Last night we were about to head home when out of nowhere someone runs up to us and starts crying! She's been looking for missionaries for months I guess. She and her family was baptized years ago in Cavite and she moved here to Makati with her husband. Her husband isn't a member and isn't the best guy haha. She's 21 and now doesn't have communication with her family because they're disappointed she married that guy. Apparently she was planning on serving a mission but made a few choices that really made her life tough. She lead us to her house which in a tiny cement room after almost crawling through little alley ways. Her husband and his friend were in there and the place was filled with smoke. It was sooo hot in there. I really felt the spirit really strong after we met her- God literally put her right in her path. She said she watched walk from a distance and felt scared but knew she needed to come get our attention. We were praying for a miracle that day and we were definitely blessed to see one!

I know that this church is true! I see little things every day that really testify to me that this is all real. I know that missionary work is very important and we need to always pray for opportunities to help God's children. He knows each of us and wants the best for us. I know as we follow his commandments He will bless us more than we can comprehend.

Love you all!

Elder Reber

This video of the end of our phone call only works on a computer :)

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