Monday, April 10, 2017

The dry spell is over!

Hey everyone!
It was another sweet week here! Our mission was super excited to hear
there will be a new temple in Manila!! The work is really moving here
in the country and I’m super grateful to be a part of it. Couldn’t ask
for a better place to be.

This week we had some good family home evenings. It’s the new finding
tool that our mission is focusing on so my comp and I are doing the
best we can to apply the new focus. Anything President says for the
mission should be followed and not taken for granted, it’s revelation
coming from our Father in Heaven! The family home evening that sticks
out to me is one we scheduled at a less active’s home. At church we
met a couple that is visiting family here in Santa Monica and they’re
from Brooke’s Point. They were baptized actually last year in 2016 and
brother is already in the Presidency of their branch. Haha the church
has really changed their life, especially their schedule! But anyways
they invited us to some of their extended family’s house who are less
active.we headed over to the less active’s house to find out that it
was a huge family and friend get together. They had invited 30 plus
people to attend haha! It was the biggest house I’ve been in in my
mission so we could fit haha. But anyways we had a huge family home
evening and then ate afterwards! We weren’t expecting that we’d be
teaching that many people but it all worked out and it was a blast!
Lots of non members and less actives were there so it was solid.

Elder Vinculado had his birthday this week! To celebrate we ordered a
pizza. The pizza wasn’t super good but hey it was pizza  I’m just
thankful to have him as a companion. I don’t think I’ve really talked
about him enough in past emails! He’s the youngest of nine kids- him
and his parents are the only members in his family. We’ve been having
a great time together and he has such a strong desire to share the
gospel. He’s such a hard worker and a pretty funny kid haha. Although
he’s new in the mission he knows what he’s doing and why he’s here. His
english is getting good too!

We had a funny lesson the other day. We met this lady who is a wife to
a pastor but let us in because we teach words from God. Our lesson was
pretty cool and we talked about prophets and how at times we go into
apostasy. After the lesson she invited us to their church haha! But it
wasn’t like an invitation, it was like “you’re coming to our church
this Sunday.” Haha my companion tried to tell her we had appointments
but he had said earlier we could return to their house during that
time. Haha I was just kinda laughing because she wasn’t budging on the
fact that we’d be goin to there church no matter what. We just told
her to text us Saturday night to remind us about it and she finally
let us go. But before we left she went back and got 50 pesos and we
said we couldn’t take it. Haha she didn’t care, she still tried to
force us to take it. We just stood up and started walking to the door
but she then asked if we could take food. Haha yes we actually can, so
she gave us tons of bananas and bought us halo-halo outside from some
little kids sellin it. She was so nice but kinda crazy too haha. It’s
cool to see though how kind and thoughtful people are here. We’ve had
so many instances lately of people just giving us bananas, mangos, etc
even if it’s our first time meeting them! Lots of them don’t have
much, but they’re willing to give what they have for the joy of

General conference was the best!! We had Lian Go there as well as
Cesar and a new investigator named Gerry. All week in multicabs or
knocking on doors I would ask “if Moses were here on earth would you
listen to him?” Everyone would say “yes of course!” and we’d then ask
if they knew that we have a prophet here on earth today! God doesn’t
change His ways and He’s constantly reaching out to us in perfect
love. One way He does this is by calling a prophet to lead and guide
us through our lives. I’m so thankful for Thomas S. Monson and his
consecrated life centered on Christ. Cesar said he didn’t understand
hardly any of the English but said he felt the spirit and knew that
they were all called of God.

It’s hard for me to choose a favorite talk but one I really liked was
Henry B Eyring in the priesthood session. He talked about how we can
truly see miracles through submitting our will to God’s will and being
worthy priesthood holders. He talked about how real the priesthood is
and the spirit was really strong. He said, “when’s the last time
you’ve thought of your priesthood being power for the heavens to open
up to you, or the administering of angels.” Something I’ve realized on
my mission is how real the gospel really is. How close God is to us.
How often He’s reaching out to us while we’re here on earth. He said
we need to see others as God sees them and help them see that in
themselves. We must see past the outward appearance and look into the
heart. How do we come to have the same view and perspective as God?
Well it’s simple. By doing the small things that make us more like his
son, Jesus Christ. As we walk with Him we will see others as noble
sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father with limitless potential. I
hope that we can forget ourselves a little more each day, have a
little more integrity, and continue to serve others and walk with
Christ. As we do this we will gain His light and people will notice
this light in us. We will eventually have no disposition to do evil.
The spirit was strong but only because President Eyring lives what he
was saying. Christ said, “be even as I am.” The best leaders and
examples are those who lead by example. Henry B. Eyring honors his
priesthood and doesn’t take it for granted. He knows how powerful it
really can be if we have the faith. He lives a very consecrated life
and as a result has become a very Christlike person. The only way we
can become like this is by doing those small things. No shortcuts! I’m
thankful for the gospel and so thankful for a prophet and apostles on
earth today.

Have a great week! Lian passed her baptism interview and will be
baptized this week! We’re so pumped. The dry spell is finally over in
this area!

Love Elder Reber

I can't wait to see the pictures that Parker has taken in this beautiful island!

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