Monday, March 6, 2017

When we do our best, Heavenly Father is proud


So not a whole ton happened this week but it was a good one
nonetheless. We're having a hard time getting people to church but
there has definitely been progress in our area. It's super cool as a
missionary to see the impact the message has on people as they start
to show their faith and live its precepts. It really makes the biggest
difference and gives people a broader perspective of life when they
continue making every-day choices.

So Wednesday we had a follow up meeting for all missionaries in
training. I feel like I was in their shoes yesterday haha. I still
feel like I should be the one being trained at times too;) But I
realized the things that they all worry about were things that I once
worried about, but now those things aren't really a big deal! It's
cool to see missionaries kinda adjust and change and become better
without really realizing it. At least I know I don't normally see my
growth haha. But that was a cool meeting to kinda give advice and
learn from others as well. All in all I think we must remember that if
we're doing our best Heavenly Father is more proud than we probably
give ourselves credit for. I remember being so hard on myself in
training and I've learned alot about being patient with myself and to
stop focusing on my weaknesses and just work on helping others. Doing
this makes life alot happier haha. Anyways later that night we had a
family home evening with the Rosales family. One of our focuses as a
mission now is actually finding new investigators through FHE. It's
actually really cool! In this area we've gotten lots of referrals and
will be contacting alot of them this week. Also, if we meet a family
now we actually will do a family home evening with them just right
there! We just sing, pray, teach a lesson, play a game, and give the
head of the house some time to give his family advice or say why
he/she's thankful for them. It's a simple idea but pretty effective!
We haven't done it on the spot yet with new investigators but will
hopefully find an opportunity this week. Anyways, so ya we had FHE
with the Rosales fam, they're a part member family and really cool.
The dad, Joseph works at the Iwahig prison on sundays and isn't a
member but his wife, Milfa is a less active member. She actually works
online for a lawyer in Florida haha so she's fluent in English! We
just all speak tagalog tho. They have 4 kids and two of them aren't
baptized yet and they're 8 and 12! So we had blast, especially with
playing a game where you have to say stuff without showing your teeth
ha it was way funny. We've taught them before but this time doing the
family home evening things seemed to click much better and now we're
setting a schedule to start teaching them more! It will be cool to see
if they'll progress, I know their family will be that much better if
they're centered on the gospel and going to church weekly as a fam.

We're teaching a way nice tatay named Boy and he tells us we're his
best friends every time we teach! He's super awesome he always wants
to know more about us and his hair has a sweet flow haha. He also has
a solid background about Christ and religion. We went to visit him to
teach but he had some other friends over playin cards. He stopped
playin and came over super happy and started talkin to us. One of the
guys was smoking and told him "how is he supposed to help you if he has
no idea what you're saying?!" Haha he just totally ripped one on me
and didn't think I understood. Let's be honest I don't understand all
things yet by any means but I definitely understood that one haha! I
just started talking to him in Tagalog and introduced what we do as
missionaries. It was funny cuz all the other guys started laughing at
him and he just shook his head and smiled. People here always just
start laughing when foreigner missionaries start talking to them
because most of the time they're scared of foreigners because they
don't know English and they're afraid they might ask a question. It's
fun though to see people's reactions since most of the time the
foreigners here are just tourists who aren't that nice.

Ceasar had work sunday and didn't make it to church! Him and Sister
Judith go are our two main investigators as of now. They both missed
yesterday though so their streak for church is back to zero. Tatay
Ceasar though as I said had lots of problems come up in his life but God
answered his prayers! Lots of miracles honestly! He said he knows
without a doubt that the Book of Mormon is from God. Sister Go is doing
well too! She had to watch over her grandkid on Sunday because she has
a disease and nobody else was home. But her daughter (around 30 years
old) actually came to church! In the past she has always listened to
us but has been shy when we try to involve her. Out of nowhere though
she actually kept our commitment and came to church even though her
mom didn't go! It was a cool surprise.

This week I've been thinking a little bit about a scripture I read in
D&C 25:10. It says "And verily I say unto thee that thou shalt lay
aside the things of this world, and seek for the things of a better."
I've been trying to forget myself this week and to try to focus on
what's really important. As a missionary my perspective has changed
alot and I'm trying to prepare myself to always keep my priorities
straight throughout the rest of my life. I'm thankful for this gospel,
God gave it to us to help us stay on the correct path and to find more
happiness throughout our lives. I know as you do the small things and
truly follow all of the commandments, you will be blessed and know for
yourself that these things are true.

Take care everyone! One other highlight was the branch's activity
"Santa Monica's Got Talent" on Friday night. Apparently they do it
every month! Members get to share skills they've learned (like one
showed how to format a paper on microsoft word) as well as talents
like singing and dancing. It was lots of fun and it's a great activity
for investigators to see that we're normal people too! So that was
lots of fun. Anyways, have a good one.

Love Elder Reber

No pictures again this week so throwing it back to some of the early MTC days

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