Monday, January 23, 2017

Interviews, Zone Mtg, Manila Stake Conf

Kamusta friends and fam!

This week was a busy one. Lots of good stuff. Last Monday we had a sweet zone activity over in Santa Cruz, we played basketball and ate burgers! If you remember earlier in my mission I would sink every shot I'd take on the streets. That trend has since ended haha. Our new zone leader is Elder Roberts from Holladay and he's super nice. I actually saw him every day this week except one. But anyways Tuesday we had a good zone meeting that was centered on love and Christ's atonement. We were reminded of the many things God has given us to help us as missionaries, especially the Holy Ghost. We talked about ways we can invite the Holy Ghost into our lessons and how important it is to be praying at all times.

Wednesday morning we woke up and took the LRT (the nicer train) to Buendia for interviews! Interviews are awesome, they always give me a boost to want to work even harder. President Ostler is the coolest, kindest guy he's nothing but complimentary the whole time. He asked me to share a scripture to him so I just opened up to D&C 64:33. It talks about how we shouldn't be weary in such an amazing work and how by small things great things come to pass. Joseph Smith, a 14 year old boy, restoring Christ's church, is of course a great example of this. One that I often think about. He wasn't a perfect person, but God was able to work with him as he continued to try, repent, and try some more. God can work through weak people even if they may feel unqualified. Also, small CHOICES we make every day make the biggest difference as well. Small choices can bring big results. Joseph chose to act after reading from James. He chose to pray- and not only to pray but he prayed with faith. Because of this simple choice he was visited by our Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. We must remember the importance of every choice effects who we become. There's a good, better, best for everything. We will reap what we sow. If we take the easy road for everything in life, we will be a pretty average person. An average example and an average instrument for God. But if we can learn to really give our heart to Him and take that extra step, that's when we will see true growth and miracles.

After interviews we got permission to head over to the temple for ward temple day! Sister Fatima was over there for baptisms but we ended up not getting to see her since we could only be there for around 40 minutes. We taught a lesson over on GRASS to some less actives we've been working with for awhile and it was cool how strong the spirit was even outside the temple. I'm thankful for temples and ordinances to give us strength here on earth and help us return to God's kingdom. I'm also thankful for authority here on earth again, the same authority prophets of old and Jesus Christ himself had.

When we finished our lesson we realized we needed to get goin if we wanted to get home on time. The ward was all still in the temple though so taking the jeepney they rented wasn't an option for us. Taking the train would take too long as well and a taxi for just two missionaries is too expensive for our budget. Sure enough out of nowhere the zone leaders came around the corner! We had no idea they were over there as well. They asked how we were going to get home and we ended up having a member from a different ward call up a taxi. Long story short my comp and I got home at 9:29 haha right on time! Lots of small miracles here in the mission every day.

Robbie and Rose Marie passed their baptism interviews! I'm super pumped for next week. Danny reviewed over the questions a ton to make sure she had everything down sharp. Haha they're super funny. Classic old couple. In lessons if she says something slightly wrong he'll quickly fix the problem haha. Robbie is in Mosiah and Nanay is in 2 Nephi. Basically they read more than we missionaries do!

To top off the crazy week we had Stake Conference Saturday night and Sunday! I was relieved i wasn't speaking this time haha. But it was awesome! We were even lucky to have 8 investigators there- many coming from a referall from some members (Cabajar family). President and Sister Ostler were there as well as President Bowen (area president, member of 70) and his wife. Wow he's a smart guy. He talked about how we must ALWAYS share the gospel. We need to remember how much it blesses us and how it can help others. We must share what we have and not just keep it to ourselves. He talked about Satan trying to make us scared or nervous, how he somehow makes us think about the worst thing that could happen. I liked how he said if you had 1000000 pesos would you be scared to offend someone by asking them if they wanted it? The gospel is worth more than this! Why would it offend anyone? And if it does then that can be their choice! Why are we ashamed about what we have? He reminded us not to judge our success on the free agency of others. He said our grade is always an A+ if we open our mouth. He asked those who knew of someone who would be interested in having their family sealed for eternity to raise their hand. Basically everyone raised their hand and he said the name we were thinking of was personal revelation from the Holy Ghost and we could be the only ones who could help this person. It was cool how he was so bold and really stressed the importance to share, even if it might not seem convenient.

Like i said before, small choices will make the biggest difference. Earlier in his life, President Bowen invited the Jones family (less active) to their family's home evening and was later on able to watch them sealed for eternity in the temple. A few years later the Jones' young son passed away and President Bowen was the first to call and remind KC Jones that he would see his son in the next life. A few years later, President Bowen's young kid passed away after inhaling chalk. Sure enough the first one to call was KC Jones with the same message that was given to him a few years earlier. On top of that later on President Bowen was the sealer for one of the Jones kid's wedding. He wasn't even born yet when their family was first invited to FHE. What comes around goes around. I prayed for small things i can change to become more effective in His hands and I have a few good ideas now. Hopefully i'll act! I invite you all to do the same! I also invite you to somehow share the gospel, even if it's in a small way.

I love my mission. I love the gospel. I know it is true. Have a good week!

Love Elder Reber

PS thanks everyone for the Christmas cards and letters! I got those this week:) You're all studs.

I love that Parker thinks eating at McDonalds is picture worthy!

A little piece of heaven for Elder Reber- Hot Donalds:)

Manila Temple

Elder Jervoso should have let Park stand farther down the hill-haha

This hand signal is a bit like a thumbs up around here

Another "thumbs up" pic 

This is Elder Luke Roberts. Rick and I went to school with not only his mom but his aunt and uncle as well. Elder Roberts is now a zone leader for Parker and they got to spend lots of time together this week. 

Looks like Park has been lifting weights! Check out those biceps!

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  1. Yes! Our sons finally connected! So great to hear how Parker is doing and loving that he challenged Luke to some Fifa when he gets home! Game on!