Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween/Lightning Fast Move!

Kamusta kayo!

Fast week here! Things went pretty good. The mish just keeps rollin. First off happy bday to Capri! Thx for bein the best youngest sister around. Hopefully you had a good bday on the 29th haha! I'm sure if mom loves you you got checked out of school for lunch :)

Last Pday was pretty fun. We had a zone activity over in Sta Cruz and we played bball, watched Big Hero 6, and ate pizza. Basketball is always just ok lang because of course it's so hot/humid here and my glasses fall off everytime a make a lightning fast move. But anyways it was my first time having pizza here and watching a movie is pretty rare for sure. So that was a fun time, I like talking to all the Elders here at the meetings. Lots of different backgrounds so it's always interesting to learn about their lives and what it's like where they live.

So a few weeks ago i was introduced to pandesal. It's basically a roll or piece of bread for 2 pesos. I'm kinda obsessed with them now believe it or not. Some mornings we go and grab a few if we have time and I ate 12 the other morning haha! But yeah as far as foods go every day I eat rice, chicken, bread, noodles, rice, meat loaf, rice, eggs, lava cakes, fruit bites, rice, more lava cakes, rice, and then the occasional food where I have no clue what it is and it's not the most delicious thing ever. I've probably already told you that's what we eat here but there ya go, i can't remember for sure haha.

We had a pretty good week with investigators. Danni Santos is still kinda the main target. He was super ready to receive this gospel. I still remember the first time we approached their little house like it was yesterday. We taught him all of the commandments this week and he committed to all of them. He says everything about this church just makes perfect sense, it's pretty sweet. He came to church again yesterday and gave tons of insights in gospel principles class. I didn't understand everything, but the Elders said everything he said was exactly perfect haha! He also asked us to take him to get a tithing slip so he can fill it out for next week! He already told us he's going to fast next week too! Our other investigators continue to progress, they all have different problems whether it's trying to get married, finding time for church and lessons, understanding what we teach, getting money for transportation, etc. It's kinda a big puzzle for each investigator and I've had to learn to be patient and trust in the Lord.

I had a cool experience on exhanges with Elder Panugao. We went and taught a Nanay named Elanor, who I actually found with Elder Lambert on exchanges a few weeks ago. We taught the last part of lesson one, which is about the apostasy, Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and prayer. When we finished the lesson at the end I asked if she had any questions she just said "please continue!" haha I feel like that doesn't always happen. It was cool to see it all click in her head and make sense! We committed her to pray to know if it's true and she said "I don't need to, I already know it's true!" Ha we just told her to do it anyways. I love it when the restoration makes sense to people, they just light up. I'm thankful for this gospel and the message I get to share everyday. I have no questions on whether this church is true, I know without a doubt it is true! All we do as missionaries is try to make people's lives better, so I'm learning to not be embarassed to ask for a little time from people's day, this message is definately worth a few minutes out of someone's day.

Crazy things continue to happen here in Tondo. Haha this place is just so hilarious. I'm really growing to love the people more and more. This week we were getting to know people on a street and a transgender tried to hug me! I had to like shield him off and it was super weird. Also it's pretty common for people to yell at us missionaries and call us baby, pogi, etc. But my favorite story for the week was on Sunday. We were picking up investigators for church and this old guy decided he wanted to help us find our investigators in his area. We assured him we knew where they lived but he wanted to help us anyways. So before we knew it we had this old guy walkin with us. A few minutes later his eyes got super wide and he yelled "pasensiya! (sorry)" and took off running back up the street. It was super funny I still don't really know what was goin on.

Have a good week! Ps happy halloween today! They don't celebrate it here but don't worry, Christmas is already startin up here haha! The last few weeks people have already been putting up a few little lights. Even though there won't be snow they still take Christmas seriously over here so it should be pretty fun.

Love Elder Reber

Sunset pic borrowed from Elder Lambert:)

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