Friday, August 19, 2016

Made it to the Manila MTC


Well I'm finally here in the Philippines! The traveling to get here was pretty intense but I made it! 4 of us Elders got kicked off our first flight because it was overbooked, then they couldn't get us on then next flight to LA. We almost had to stay in a hotel in Salt Lake but they got us onto a third flight last minute. The airlines felt bad and gave us a free voucher for dinner. Of course we hit Mcdonalds! Free mcdons has got to be a miracle amiright? We got to LA and the flight there got delayed as well. We were able to place a Book of Mormon which was pretty sweet. We made it to Hong Kong and booked it across the airport to catch our flight to Manila. It took 34 hours total to get from one mtc to the next.

The first step off the plane here at the Philippines resulted in my glasses fogging up haha! It's sooo humid here and super hot. Just like what I've heard. We went down to pick up bags and of course both of my bags didn't make it. Haha yep that's right! I'll be livin with what I have on me for the next few days or however long it takes for them to find my bags haha! I guess it's a good way to jump right into the Filipino culture ;)

Well this is about all of the time I've got this week! Not sure when my pday will be over here yet. It was super fun to talk to the fam while at the airport. I get to go proselyting tomorrow for five hours with Quezon City missionaries!! I'm so excited even though I probably won't understand anything. It's all becoming more real now and it's super exciting!

Have a good week! Sorry I didn't have much time.

Elder Reber

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